Crashing Into December

I’ve been madly working on Crashland, the sequel to Twinmaker, hence the slowness on the blogging front. That will be rectified soon! In the meantime, here are some random things from the last week:

  • Clair’s lenses are well on the way to becoming a reality.“This is not science fiction,” chief researcher for the project Jelle De Smet told the Telegraph. “This will never replace the cinema screen for films. But for specific applications it may be interesting to show images such as road directions or projecting text messages from our smart phones straight to our eye.” (I think they’re not being ambitious enough. Bring on HD video, I say!) (PS: Jelle De Smet! Awesome.)
  • Twinmaker has scored a Best Fiction YA nomination from the Young Adult Library Services Association (a division of the ALA). That’s an amazing list of books to be part of. I’m very excited.
  • eBook4-FinalA few months back I commissoned an essay on matter transmitters by the brilliant Phil Sandifer. It’s now available in his latest book, Tardis Eruditorum: Tom Baker and the Hinchcliffe Years. Buy it!
  • Twinmaker was reviewed in Girlfriend magazine, and also by Mr. Ripley’s Enchanted Books (I think I missed that one when it came out): “The story for me included everything that you would want and more – it has been very cleverly written and thought out. The identifiable poetry quotations add a fascinating and interesting element to the story. Whilst the complex ideas that have been woven into the fabric of the story add another dimension and texture. The characters soon became engaging, interesting and varied. This book was a fantastic surprise for me – a really cool book and a dream to read. I’m ready to crashland back to reality……”

Huge thanks to everyone sending in feedback and spreading the word. It all helps!

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