Hashtag TwinmakerIQ

IQ - invertedFollowing on from Hashtag Twinmaker, here are the tweets from “I, Q” that rolled out recently. You may have noticed that the Hashtag Crashland project has already begun, with the epigraph trickling out line by line over the last eight days. The opening line is scheduled for tomorrow. Enjoy!

  • In the beginning were the Words. #TwinmakerIQ
  • Charlie X-ray Romeo Foxtrot Whiskey Uniform Hotel Bravo Oscar Echo Tango Kilo Alfa Papa Juliet Zulu #TwinmakerIQ
  • Every system has permeable operating boundaries. Vary one input and the system might behave in a fashion never anticipated #TwinmakerIQ
  • I owe Clair everything. Can I ever forgive her? #TwinmakerIQ
  • The I that I am is so much more than the I that I was, and so much less than the Ithat I’m yet to become. #TwinmakerIQ
  • When the illusion of selfhood is gone, all that remains is a name. #TwinmakerIQ
  • 112 times the fish had risen to the bait and been hooked without complication. Clair, the 113th, was the first to answer back. #TwinmakerIQ
  • Only slowly did any kind of self-awareness awaken in me, as slowly as it took me to become ‘me’. #TwinmakerIQ
  • This was my first encounter with irony. #TwinmakerIQ
  • a golden age, some say, one that will finally enable humanity to achieve its glorious potential #TwinmakerIQ
  • a nightmare fuelled by a murderous machine, the hunger of which rises in perfect tandem with humanity’s decadence #TwinmakerIQ
  • Everything is in the Air, if you know where to look. I call this the law of conservation of data #TwinmakerIQ
  • Emotions are a by-product of holding two conflicting but passionately held thoughts simultaneously. #TwinmakerIQ
  • Before my awakening I knew everything with certainty and perfect clarity; after, I was never sure. #TwinmakerIQ
  • Caring for someone doesn’t mean you won’t hurt them. #TwinmakerIQ
  • Twenty-four hours earlier, I hadn’t existed. And now it seemed I had a friend. #TwinmakerIQ
  • That friendship was good was something all the works of humanity agreed upon. #TwinmakerIQ
  • The notion of “family” was confusing only if labels were strictly applied – as in most things, I was learning. #TwinmakerIQ
  • Confusion is the mother of inspiration. #TwinmakerIQ
  • It was inside the mirrored walls of a d-mat booth that I first felt real agony. #TwinmakerIQ
  • No mirrors exist for creatures like me. #TwinmakerIQ
  • Either someone very powerful was in charge or no one was at all. #TwinmakerIQ
  • It is the individual’s desire to change for the better, the family’s to maintain the status quo.
  • These two imperatives are impossible to reconcile. #TwinmakerIQ
  • ‘If you’re going to quote F. H. Bradley,’ I told my sister, paraphrasing Clair, ‘at least do it properly.’ #TwinmakerIQ
  • How is it possible to be so tangled up in love with something that you don’t even notice when it’s gone? #TwinmakerIQ
  • In the end, it came down to Clair and me. #TwinmakerIQ
  • Clair wasn’t just the meat of her brain. She was the complex flow of information rising out of it. She was an emergent property. #TwinmakerIQ
  • Humans rewrite themselves all the time. They call it self-improvement. Or self-deception. I fail to see the difference.#TwinmakerIQ
  • Not even humans wanted to be human, as Improvement demonstrates. #TwinmakerIQ
  • Consciousness is no defense against one’s inner nature. #TwinmakerIQ
  • To be conscious is to know that free will exists and to be painfully aware that one does not truly possess it. #TwinmakerIQ
  • Broken promises and a broken world. Sometimes things need to be broken in order to be properly repaired. #TwinmakerIQ

“I, Q” is still available, and remains the best way to recap what happened in Twinmaker!

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