How to Check Ticketing Agreement in Amadeus

When it comes to working with Amadeus, one of the most important aspects of managing airline reservations is being able to check the ticketing agreement. This agreement lays out the specific terms and conditions of a particular ticket and is essential for ensuring that the ticket is valid and that all necessary rules and regulations have been followed.

If you`re new to Amadeus or need a refresher on how to check the ticketing agreement, the following steps will help guide you through the process.

Step 1: Retrieve the Reservation

Before you can check the ticketing agreement for a particular reservation, you`ll need to retrieve the reservation in Amadeus. This can typically be done by entering the passenger`s name, flight details, or reservation number into the appropriate fields in the Amadeus system.

Step 2: Access the Ticketing Agreement

Once you`ve retrieved the reservation, you can access the ticketing agreement by selecting the “Ticketing” tab within Amadeus. This will typically display a list of all tickets associated with the reservation, along with any relevant details such as ticket numbers, fare codes, and ticketing dates.

Step 3: Review the Agreement

Once you`ve located the specific ticket(s) you need to check, you can review the ticketing agreement by selecting the ticket and clicking on the “Ticketing Agreement” button. This will typically display a detailed list of the terms and conditions associated with the ticket, including any restrictions on travel dates or routes, refund policies, and other important information.

Step 4: Confirm Compliance

Once you`ve reviewed the ticketing agreement, it`s important to confirm that the ticket is compliant with all of the rules and regulations outlined in the agreement. This can typically be done by cross-referencing the terms of the agreement with the actual ticket details, such as the passenger name, travel dates, and itinerary.

By following these simple steps, you can quickly and easily check the ticketing agreement for any reservation in Amadeus. This will help ensure that your clients have valid and compliant tickets, and that you can manage your airline reservations with confidence and ease.

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