Redux – out now!

Redux“Redux” – a novella that links books one, two and three of the Twinmaker series – is out now for $1. (Thanks, Allen & Unwin.) It’s set in Jesse’s point of view, making it the only story in the entire Twinmaker opus to provide a glimpse into his scruffy head. Here’s an excerpt. Enjoy!

Jesse sat on his haunches next to Ray and reviewed everything that had happened since the trap had sprung.

They had been null-jumped, which meant they had been turned into data and then turned back again. While they were data, they could have been stored somewhere for a while, at least until the fighting had stopped. But why bring them back now, and then just leave them here?

Weirdest of all was how he felt. He was stuck in Wallace’s office with Ray, had no idea where Clair was and what was happening to her . . . but he was still himself. Every freckle was in the right place. Every hair. His mouth still tasted like the last thing he had eaten, a strip of dried fruit from the Farmhouse. His clothes still needed a wash.

To all appearances, Jesse Linwood remained Jesse Linwood, even though everything he had been taught to believe said that this was wrong.

D-mat took people apart and rebuilt them from nothing.

D-mat killed people.

So what was he doing here, then?

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