HOLLOWGIRL is now officially a thing

People who know me personally have had to put up with some serious whining about “the most difficult book ever“, by which I mean the most challenging, high-stakes, ambitious, and brain-bending thing to issue from my metaphorical pen. They’ll be glad to know that after many rewrites and struggles, it is now DONE. Hollowgirl is at last off to the copy editor. My brain can bend back into its proper shape (some kind of mutant pretzel) and I can move onto the next thing.Hollowgirl - coming soon! (3)

Which, for the moment, is catching up on some short stories set in the Twinmaker universe. I just finished one called “Sing, My Murdered Darlings” and I have two more to get into ASAP, potentially called “All the Wrong Places” and “Tiger Club Meets the Never-Ending Dog”. Oh, and I have issue #2 of the newsletter to get together (subscribe now!), plus some blog posts. I just need a day or two to get my mental shit together.

Weird to have the cannonball of book three coming out of the furnace while book two is being loaded to fire.

Not sure where the 18th Century maritime metaphor came from there, but such is the state of my thoughts. Confused!

I’m off to soak my head.

Happy Halloween!

(Page from the UK edition of Crashland.)


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